Interesting Facts About Body Odor

Want to know other facts about body odor

Even though it often happens, there are still many facts about body odor that are rarely known. Let’s look at the facts about body odor that you need to know here.Facts About Body Odor
Believe it or not, body odor is a problem for most people. This matter disturbs the comfort of those around you and can erode a person’s self-confidence.

The causes of body odor include sweat mixed with bacteria. Another exciting thing is that the smell will depend on the condition of the owner’s body. Factors that have health status, what you eat, and how much hair there is near the sweat glands.

Want to know other facts about body odor? Check out the review below.

1. Production of body odor is regulated by bacteria that produce odor

Apocrine sweat glands produce an odorless mixture of fats, amino acids, and pheromones, which bacteria convert into body odor.

Apocrine glands produce less sweat than eccrine glands, the other sweat glands in the body.

2. The most significant and most numerous sweat glands are in the armpits

The apocrine sweat glands only become active during puberty. Not surprisingly, teenagers often smell powerful body odor.

Apart from the armpits, sweat glands are found on the scalp, genitals and anus, eyelids, ear canals, and breast glands.

Men have larger apocrine sweat glands in the armpits than women. Usually, their body odor will be more pungent.

3. Body Odor Has Its Own Function!

This fact about body odor may surprise you a little. Yes, body odor can help someone in choosing a partner!

The first is in terms of avoiding inbreeding. And secondly, to assess the health status of potential partners.

In general, someone will not be interested when they smell the body odor of another person of the same blood. Regarding health status, body odor will change when there is a disease or infection.

4. Body Odor is Influenced by Diet

Changes in diet will affect the smell of sweat. Women prefer the scent of men who consume a diet rich in eggs, cheese, soybeans, fruit, and vegetables rather than red meat.

5. Body Odor is Important in Attraction

Women have a better sense of smell than men. This fact about body odor is an essential assessment of her attractiveness to men.

6. Sweat glands decrease with sweat production

When producing sweat, cells in the apocrine glands decrease. This means that sweat also contains living cells.

7. Body odor will change according to body condition

Facts About Body Odor
There is a scale called the Body Odor Disgust Scale (BODS), which reflects a person’s susceptibility to a disease.

Body odor will change when exposed to germs. This condition will reduce the attractiveness of body odor to women.

8. Body Odor Can Be Different

The bacteria in the armpits or other locations with sweat glands can differ. Different bacteria can produce different body odors. Some things resemble a sour smell, the smell of meat, the smell of onions, or rotten eggs.

9. Deodorant Plays an Important Role in Body Odor

Not only does deodorant disguise body odor with certain fragrances, but it can also kill bacteria and reduce sweat production. This is also useful for reducing body odor.

10. Hair Can Increase Body Odor

The more hair follicles on the skin’s surface, the more area bacteria can attach to. Therefore, take care of the hair on various body surfaces so that body odor is not so strong.

Those are 10 facts about body odor that you might not know. So that this problem no longer becomes an obstacle for you in your activities, make sure all the folds of your body are accessible with soap and running water when bathing.

When you do a lot of activities—especially outdoors—wear clothes that absorb sweat, such as cotton. Don’t forget to use deodorant to reduce unpleasant body odor.

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