6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor in Children

Body odor can make children feel insecure. Here are six ways to quickly eliminate body odor in children.

Body Odor in Children

When your little one is active all day, this can make their body sweat and trigger body odor. Although body odor is part of children’s growth, it can reduce self-confidence.

According to Frontiers in Psychology, body odor is caused by hormonal development. Usually, unpleasant odors occur during pre-puberty and puberty due to an increase in steroid hormones during this period. This can start to occur between the ages of 5 to 11 years.

Not only teenagers but babies can also experience body odor. Bacteria, pollution, heat, wet clothes, sweat, or an unclean surrounding environment usually cause this.

Apart from reducing self-confidence, a child’s body odor will also disturb the people around him and can even make the child the subject of verbal bullying.

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This is in line with the journal Body Image; this study states that negative body image, one of which is the result of body odor, makes children more vulnerable to bullying at school and in the surrounding environment.

Therefore, so your child is free from body odor, see below how to get rid of body odor in children.

1. Diligently clean body parts

The way to get rid of body odor quickly is to shower regularly. Bathing can wash away sweat and bacteria in the body.

So that your child’s body odor can disappear, make sure he cleans his body thoroughly. Remember, teach children to clean areas that often sweat, including the armpit area.

2. Change clothes frequently

Excessive sweat on a child’s body can trigger an underarm odor. One way to eliminate underarm odor is to change clothes frequently, especially if you are sweating.

Bacteria are prone to growing in damp places, so try to choose clothes that can absorb sweat so they can remove moisture from the skin.

Parents can provide loose clothing made of cotton as a way to deal with body odor and excessive sweating.

3. Pay attention to the dining menu.

Paying attention to the food menu can also be a way to eliminate body odor in children naturally. The reason is that there are certain foods that can make your slight one smell terrible.

Dealing with body odor during puberty can be done by avoiding the consumption of garlic, onions, and processed foods.

4. Use special children’s deodorant.

For some children, bathing alone is insufficient to prevent body odor, especially when active all day. Using deodorant is a way to get rid of strong body odor.

Especially when children have intense physical activity and tend to produce excessive sweat, therefore, deodorant can be used to treat body odor in children.

However, that doesn’t mean children can use deodorant for adults. Children still need unique products because they may be at risk of sensitive skin.

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So, Mama and Papa can choose a deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens, or other dangerous substances. The reason is that aluminum can have long-term effects that are bad for health.

According to research published in the journal EBioMedicine, using deodorants containing aluminum can irritate the skin and increase the risk of breast cancer.

Therefore, first, check the content of the children’s deodorant you will buy. Avoid these dangerous substances, and it is better to choose a deodorant that contains natural ingredients so it is safer for children.

Parents can give children particular deodorant to deal with body odor in teenagers aged 7 to 14.

This product has been dermatologically tested and is specially formulated for children with sensitive and normal skin because it contains Extra Moisturizer, which can nourish and brighten the underarm skin, thus preventing blackness in children’s armpits.

Special children’s deodorants contain ingredients that are safe for children, such as Zinc Ricinoleate and Aloe Vera.

Based on the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, zinc ricinoleate has an anti-odor activity, which can provide a deodorizing effect for 24 hours after being applied topically.

Meanwhile, the Aloe Vera content has moisturizing properties while increasing skin hydration.

Apart from that, it also contains Humulus Lupulus Extract (HOPS) as an antimicrobial and moisturizer, Sunflower Seed Oil as a moisturizer and brightens the skin, Glyceryl as a skin conditioning moisturizer, Chloroxylenol as an antibacterial, and CPC as an antibacterial.

The Triple Antibacterial content in this product can paralyze odor-causing bacteria in the armpits and keep the armpits with a refreshing aroma all day.

The good news is this special children’s deodorant does not contain alcohol and antiperspirants such as aluminum, which can clog pores and is dangerous for children’s health. Not only that, this deodorant product for children also does not leave yellow stains on clothes.

How to use it is easy because it is roll-on. Apply PUREKIDS Deodorant to the dry underarm area after showering. Children can use this product 2 times a day.

Come on, #KeepYou and your little one healthy by keeping your body clean and using deodorant to prevent body odor. Also, eat healthy foods and avoid foods that can trigger body odor.

If you have questions about dealing with body odor in children, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor directly.

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