The Dangers of Vaping for Body Health that You Need to Know

Vaping is often considered healthier. The dangers of vaping for health are no less than smoking tobacco. Here are the complete facts.

Dangers of Vaping

Vaping is considered healthier, so it is often chosen as an alternative to giving up the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Did you know that this assumption is not correct?

It cannot be denied that the chemicals contained in vape are not as many as tobacco cigarettes. For example, the nicotine content in vape is less than in tobacco cigarettes, likewise with the tar and carbon monoxide content in it.

However, the dangers of vaping for health still exist. The reason is that vaping is not entirely free from dangerous chemicals that threaten mental and physical health.

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The following are some of the dangers of vaping that you must know:

1. Causes Addiction

The nicotine contained in vape can cause addictive effects. Therefore, you may be able to stop smoking tobacco but become addicted to vaping.

So, the health dangers are not much different because, basically, vaping contains chemicals that can have harmful effects on the body.

Research also shows that teenagers who try vaping are more likely to try tobacco cigarettes. The harmful effects that arise from this behavior can be much more severe.

2. Causes Heart Disease

Although not as much as tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine contained in vape can still cause problems with the arteries, this condition can affect the work of the heart, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease in the future.

3. Increases the risk of lung disease

Like tobacco cigarettes, vapes are used for smoking. This can undoubtedly affect lung health directly.

‘In fact, the chemicals contained in vape can cause inflammatory reactions and damage lung tissue.

A study states that vaping can interfere with the regeneration function of lung cells, making them more susceptible to certain bacterial infections.

4. Increases the risk of cancer

Another worrying danger of vaping is increasing the risk of getting cancer. Liquid nicotine and the solvents formaldehyde, propylene glycol, glycerin, and diether glycol produce nitrosamine when heated.

This substance is carcinogenic, which, if inhaled continuously, can increase the risk of cancer.

5. Dangerous to people around you

Exposure to nicotine in other people can cause Addiction. In children, this can cause brain development disorders.

Apart from that, exposure to nicotine in pregnant women can also affect the health of the fetus in the womb.

6. Affects brain development

Another danger of vaping is that it can permanently affect brain development for teenagers, especially those under the age of 25.

This happens because the nicotine content in vape can slow down brain development by affecting memory, concentration, self-control, and mood.

7. Causes problems with the fetus

The health of the fetus in the womb is more at risk for pregnant women who inhale vape or who are exposed to the smoke continuously.

The reason is that exposure to nicotine and other chemicals in vaping can interfere with fetal development and even risk causing congenital abnormalities at birth.

8. Damages teeth and gums

Vaping is also dangerous for your teeth and gums. Several studies show that vaping can irritate gums and make people more susceptible to tooth decay.

In a 2016 study, it was also found that vaping can increase the risk of various oral diseases.

9. Causes Dry Mouth

Apart from damaging your teeth and gums, the dangers of vaping cigarettes can also make your mouth dry. This situation occurs because of one of its ingredients, namely propylene glycol.

These chemicals are not dangerous because they can be found in food. However, if it undergoes a heating process and becomes steam, it can dry the soft tissue in the mouth.

A dry mouth also increases the risk of bad breath (halitosis), mouth ulcers, and other problems.

10. Causes poisoning in children

Children can also feel the dangers of using vape. This happens if vape users store liquid carelessly so that it has the potential to be reached and consumed by children because it has an attractive aroma.

Children who consume vape liquid can experience poisoning. This condition must be treated immediately to avoid fatal complications.

The dangers of vapor, aka vaping, are not much different from smoking tobacco. Worse yet, the costs required to ‘enjoy’ the risks of vaping are pretty significant. With this, you suffer a double loss: health and financial loss.

Avoid the dangers of vaping by abandoning the bad habit of smoking these objects.

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