Prepare now, 9 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Healthy Resolutions

9 Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Don’t just want to add to your collection of stamps in your passport. Also, make a healthy New Year’s resolution as a long-term health investment!

Healthy Resolutions

I can’t believe that soon we will enter a new year. Do you have a healthy resolutions for the next year? Usually, New Year’s resolutions are often related to career, household, relationship goals, self-development, or travelling. However, making healthy resolutions in the new year is also essential!

An example of a healthy resolution for the new year that you can make is writing down a list of simple targets to improve your health and fitness, as well as sports choices that you want to try.

Here are some examples of health resolutions for the new year that you can try:

1. Go to bed early

If the target of 8 hours of sleep every night is difficult to achieve for one or several reasons, at least next year, emphasize to yourself that you will go to bed 30 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime. Then, keep shifting the minutes until you get the ideal sleep time.

For example, you always go to bed at 1 am this year. In the first month of next year, aim for the first month to go to bed at 00:30, then the next month to exactly midnight, then advance again to 11:30, and so on. Slowly but surely, you will get used to sleeping before midnight. As a result, you will be fresher and more enthusiastic when you wake up.

2. Manage Stress Better

The following healthy resolution is to be better at managing stress. Indeed, being completely free from stress is impossible. Therefore, focus on being able to manage stress better.

You don’t need to take more vacations; you can do simple things like determining priorities or diligently meditating.

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In a study of 3,515 adults published in the medical journal “JAMA Internal Medicine”, researchers found that 30 minutes of daily meditation reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety in participants after eight weeks.

3. Document Happy Moments in 2024

Instead of deciding to “be happier” this year, document what you are grateful for each day. This documentation can make you happy.

You can recall these memories to motivate yourself when you feel down. Keep a journal, upload positive things on social media, start writing blogs diligently, etc. In essence, create happy memories you can save and remember as a source of enthusiasm!

4. Stop smoking

Try to calculate how much money is wasted due to routinely buying packs of cigarettes. For the sake of health, reduce or, better yet, stop smoking. The money you usually spend on these bad habits can be allocated to more positive things. For example, you travel, donate to needy people, or invest!

5. Walk more

I’ve had the resolution for years to want a body like supermodel Adriana Lima, but how come the realization is harsh? It’s better now to set a more realistic target by walking more!

Your weight will decrease by increasing your steps and frequency of physical activity. You can slowly achieve your ideal body weight without having to torture yourself.

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6. Eat more vegetables

Vegetables contain various vitamins, minerals, and fibres needed by the body. Consuming enough vegetables daily can reduce the risk of various health problems, including constipation.

Consuming more vegetables is a healthy resolution that must be achieved in 2024. There are many ways to eat more vegetables, from cooking your food to creating a more exciting vegetable-eating menu. You can copy various recipes on the internet.

7. Reduce Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can put you at high risk of experiencing various chronic diseases. This is because alcohol can cause inflammation in the body, especially if consumed excessively.

If you want your healthy resolution to be perfect, you also need to limit alcohol consumption. If you hang out with your friends, you can choose many healthy drinks, for example, fruit juice.

8. Exercise routine

I am too lazy to move; I am too lazy to exercise. Wow, don’t let this habit still happen to you in 2023.

Spend about 30 minutes daily (5 times a week) for exercise. You don’t have to bother making a membership card at the gym; you can choose other cheaper sports, such as running, swimming, cycling or exercising at home.

9. Drink more water

Water intake must be sufficient every day. The reason is that water helps hydrate the body while supporting the body’s cells to work.

Everyone needs different fluid intake. But at least you drink 8 glasses of water per day. The needs may be better than that, especially if you do activities under the hot sun or play sports.

Always carry a drinking bottle wherever you are so you don’t have to drink.

The healthy New solutions above are a small list of things you can do to improve your health. Whatever solution you plan, try to achieve the resolution gradually but consistently.

Spread this healthy spirit to family and friends. If done together and supporting each other, realizing healthy resolutions this year will be much easier! Achieving the healthy solutions you make can help #KeepYourHealthy, you know!

If you have various questions about health, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

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