Effective Ways to Get Rid of Afraid to get on a plane

Afraid to get on a plane can hinder a smooth holiday. What is an effective way to overcome this? Check out this explanation!

psychologists The accident experienced by actor Christian Oliver on his private plane claimed the lives of his two daughters, the pilot and Oliver. This was so terrible that it could trigger excessive fear in most people.

However, you don’t need to worry because the fear of a plane crash can be overcome; several ways can help reduce anxiety. Some people fear flying because of previous bad experiences or a fear of closed spaces with no access to the outside.

According to psychologists, there is no single explanation for plane phobia, but it is often related to traumatic experiences or concerns related to closed conditions. It may be possible to overcome the fear through small steps such as therapy or relaxation techniques.

Apart from that, the fear of flying can be overcome with strategy. The following is the strategy in question:

1. Know what triggers your fear of flying

By knowing what triggers your fear of flying, you can carefully study how anxiety reactions can be triggered.

The goal is to identify specific things that cause anxiety when boarding a plane so that you can use strategies to overcome them.

2. Traveling with Family or Friends

Traveling with family members or several friends can add color to your trip. With this, you can fill your time by chatting and telling stories while on the plane so you can forget about your fears during the trip.

Apart from alleviating fear, talking with fellow travelers can strengthen existing relationships.

3. Do positive activities while on the plane

Fill your time with positive activities while traveling. You can bring a novel to read, listen to music on your device, or watch a film that has been prepared in advance.

By doing various activities, you will forget your fears for a moment to enjoy the flight comfortably.

4. Choose the most comfortable flight time

Another thing you can do to overcome your fear of flying is to adjust your flight schedule with rest time.

For example, choose a plane that flies at night and arrives at your destination in the morning. That way, you can rest on the plane and wake refreshed to move to your destination immediately.

If you spend your trip sleeping, your mind will not be filled with Afraid to get on a plane

5. Consult with an expert

Have you tried various strategies to overcome your fear of flying, but the results are ineffective? This is when you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation.

6. Imagine the place you are going

Imagining the destination you are going to can reduce fear when boarding a plane. This method can make you think about pleasant things at your final destination. For example, if your final destination is your hometown, you can imagine your family gathering and welcoming you.

That way, you can find the most appropriate way to stay comfortable during future air travel.

Yes, the fear of flying is a common phobia. Various strategies can be implemented to overcome these feelings and enjoy your holiday comfortably.

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