What science says about veganism for athletes

You’ve in all probability heard numerous stereotypes about vegan athletes. Possibly you’re even satisfied that there’s a grain of fact to a few of these beliefs. However what science says about veganism and train might shock you. And with a rising curiosity in environmentally-friendly existence, it’s extra necessary than ever to bust the myths that encompass vegan athletes.  

So what precisely is veganism? In line with the Vegan Society (opens in new tab), veganism is ‘a philosophy and way of life which seeks to exclude – so far as is feasible and practicable – all types of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for meals, clothes or some other objective’. As such, vegan diets utterly reduce out meat, dairy and eggs, however in addition they don’t enable meals that use animal derivatives, corresponding to honey, shellac or bee pollen. 

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