What Are The Different Types of Enzyme Therapy Treatment Products?

You’ve probably heard about bacteria and enzymes before, but what is the difference? These two types of pond treatment products are not the same. Understanding the difference will help you choose the best product for your pond. Understanding a pond’s delicate ecology is essential before you make the decision. If you’re unsure, read on to learn more. You can even get free trial packs of the products you’re considering.

NT-MAX Biological Digester

The NT-MAX Biological Digesters effectively reduce muck and sludge buildup in ponds and lakes. They contain trillions of beneficial bacterial enzyme strains and activate on contact with water. These enzymes multiply rapidly upon contact with water, doubling in number every 20 minutes. This allows them to eat organic matter and nitrates aggressively, leaving your pond or lake clear and clean.

The NT-MAX Biological Digesters can save you tens of thousands of dollars in dredging costs as a maintenance treatment. Unlike heavy dredging, these treatments can clear ponds in days, costing anywhere from three to forty thousand dollars. Furthermore, they are entirely safe for the health of your family.

NT-MAX Biological Digesters are available in powder form. To use, shake the powder before using. The powder contains 12 trillion potent bacterial strains. The product is available in convenient two-pound doses and can be easily poured out to cover a pond or lake. It is best to use one or two pounds per acre of water and should be applied to the water at least twice a month until the water temperature is fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Selecting the right bacterial strain for your specific water type is crucial. Pellets with NT-MAX bacteria are ideal for lakes and ponds. They help clear murky water, which can lead to various problems. The bacteria are available in powder form, pucks, blocks, and pellets. The bacterial strains are easy to apply and will work throughout the entire season. The liquid can also be added to the winter maintenance dose of your pond.

EcoBoost PRx

An essential aspect of maintaining the ecosystem of your ponds and lakes is the addition of beneficial bacteria. The use of a high-quality enzyme-based treatment like EcoBoost PRx can improve the health of your fish and pond water. EcoBoost PRx has three main functions: bind excess phosphates, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and add trace minerals. In addition, EcoBoost PRx contains natural phosphate binders.

The bacteria that can thrive in a pond or lake require food and an environment that supports their growth. Adding bacteria to the water’s surface will not yield measurable results unless the bacteria are added to the sediment layer and dissolved oxygen. In addition, the bacteria products must contain suitable species and populations, and the temperature of the water should be warm enough for them to propagate. By using enzymes to combat these problems, EcoBoost PRx enzyme therapy treatment is the most effective way to improve the health of ponds and lakes.

Among the many benefits of EcoBoost PRx enzyme therapy treatment for ponds and lakes is its ability to control algae growth. Enzymes help in the oxidation of organic materials, which is essential for the survival of aquatic life. They also promote fast growth in fish and are safe for other marine creatures such as birds and livestock. EcoBoost PRx enzyme therapy treatment is a convenient powder for application to ponds and lakes. It is safe for use year-round and has no temperature limits, and the product should be applied at least three days after any herbicide or algaecide treatment.


If you have a pond or lake, you may have heard about the benefits of bacteria and enzymes. While bacteria and enzymes help decomposition organic matter in wastewater, these natural products can also benefit the pond or lake. These products can help reduce the thickness of sediment and excess nutrients, allowing your pond to thrive again. Moreover, they can also kill algae and reduce odors.

Enzyme and bacteria treatments are recommended for preventing algae growth in ponds and lakes. The NT-MAX Biological Digester Treatment contains trillions of beneficial bacterial strains that multiply when they contact water. When the enzymes activate, they multiply at a fantastic rate, doubling every 20 minutes. These bacteria aggressively consume excess nutrients and remove them from the water.

Enzyme treatment products help maintain stable pH and kH levels in ponds and lakes. Bacteria feed on organic matter that otherwise would degrade into harmful chemicals. By consuming decaying organic matter, bacteria can better balance the water and limit algae growth. Bacteria products have many other benefits, and they can reduce the nutrient levels in the water, which reduces algae growth in ponds and lakes.

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