Shawn Bradley wrestles with life at 7'6" in a wheelchair

Shawn Bradley wrestles with life at 7’6″ in a wheelchair

In a collection excessive above the courtroom in Dallas, Shawn Bradley peered down on a previous life. Below the highlight under, gangly giants—Kristaps Porziņģis, Boban Marjanović, Bol Bol—galloped and grinded as their 7’6″ forebear watched, nonetheless and silent. Because the 7’2″ Bol used his lengthy arms to swat a shot, Bradley’s spouse, Carrie, fetched him popcorn and nestled a small Styrofoam bowlful onto his napkin-covered abdomen. The 7’4″ Marjanović sprinted again on protection and gulped down air; Bradley began to really feel faint and reclined his electrical wheelchair to boost his blood strain. The 7’3″ Porziņģis powered house a two-handed dunk; Bradley enveloped a can of Dr Pepper in his claw-like arms and sipped rigorously.