Find out how to Slice Beets for Roasting, Salads, Juicing, and Extra

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Beets are very nicely acknowledged for his or her candy, earthy style and vivid shades.

When you benefit from the root vegetable however haven’t cooked with it an incredible deal your self, you might be fascinated by the easiest strategies to reduce and put together beets at dwelling.

Cooking with beets doesn’t require to be overwhelming. In easy reality, you possibly can put collectively and use them considerably such as you would different root veggies, like carrots and potatoes.

Moreover, beets each of these the roots and the connected leaves are extremely nutritious and a terrific addition to a healthful weight-reduction plan plan.

They’re an excellent useful resource of nutritional vitamins like fiber and folate, and so they embrace useful plant compounds that assist digestive well being and health and may help decrease swelling (1, 2, 3).

Look at these concepts for the best means to decrease and use beets. You possibly can combine much more beets into your meals plan, broaden your repertoire, and get way more relaxed preparing them at family.

To slash complete, uncooked beets, use the adhering to steps:

  1. Comprehensively clear the beet root to eradicate any filth. A tough sponge or veggie scrubber will assist clear away grime trapped within the crevices of the peel.
  2. To eliminate the taproot and stems, slice a compact piece about 1/2 inch in thickness off each single conclusion of the beet. This additionally makes a flat floor space on each conclude of the beet root.
  3. Use one of many flat surfaces to stabilize the beet in your chopping board as you slash the remainder of the foundation into your wished-for kind and measurement.

From this challenge, the best solution to full slicing your beet depends on the way you technique to make use of it.

Employs for beets

Under are some ideas for essentially the most prevalent makes use of of beets:

  • Roasting and soups: Dicing is efficient successfully for each single of those sorts of recipes. To start out with slash your whole beet into slices of your required thickness. Up coming, reduce every particular person slice vertically after which throughout diagonally to develop cubes.
  • Salads: Diced and sliced beets are perfect for salads. Or, for a smaller sized reduce, you possibly can attempt shredding them with a grater or meals processor.
  • Beet chips: Slice the whole beet as thinly as you possibly can. Check out to be dependable with the thickness of your slices so your beets will cook dinner evenly.
  • Pickled beets: Pickled beets may be diced, sliced, and even reduce right into a slender matchstick kind. You possibly can select reduce them primarily based in your need and the way you strategy to make use of them. Be acutely aware that pickled beets ordinarily incorporate further sugar.
  • Beet juice and smoothies: How you narrow them beforehand is determined by your blender or juicer. It is extremely finest to check the instruction handbook. You possibly can might want to reduce your beets finer to make beet juice or smoothies with a smaller tools.

Are there different choices furthermore slicing uncooked beets?

If you’re not comfortable slicing uncooked beets, or in the event you don’t have the world and assets obtainable to do it safely and securely, the good information is there are different prospects which might be simply as mouth watering and wholesome.

On condition that they flip tender and tender via the cooking course of, chances are you’ll uncover that you just need chopping beets instantly after they’ve beforehand been cooked.

Beets are additionally on the market in a variety of different varieties other than refreshing.

For working example, grocery retailers normally inventory presliced or diced beets within the canned and frozen sections.

Some retailers even have precooked beets which might be vacuum-sealed to keep up freshness. They’re usually positioned within the refrigerated generate portion. Though they’re ordinarily however complete, you’ll receive these cooked beets a lot simpler to decrease than raw sorts.


Having a pointy knife and sturdy lowering board are very important to securely slicing beets. After you’ve gotten utterly washed the foundation, you possibly can slice, cube, shred, or julienne scale back beets relying on the way you technique to make use of them.

Irrespective of in the event you peel beets earlier than chopping them is a make any distinction of personal desire.

You possibly can presumably need the feel and look of peeled beets or is likely to be apprehensive about filth that’s trapped within the pores and skin of the foundation.

If you decide you do wish to peel your clear beets, you are able to do so each proper earlier than or simply after cooking them.

To peel beets upfront of you cook dinner dinner them, a pointy vegetable peeler operates finest to remove the peel with out sacrificing means too considerably of the inside. When you’ve got beforehand cooked beets, you possibly can merely rub the beet in between your fingers. The pores and pores and skin tends to happen off effortlessly on its have.

Alternatively, 1 rationalization you might presumably decide to go away beet pores and pores and skin intact has to do with its dietary worth.

A variety of of the compounds that contribute to the vegetable’s wellness-endorsing properties are concentrated within the peel. These are a gaggle of pigments referred to as betalains.

In consequence, whenever you take away the beet peel, you is likely to be lowering a number of the meals’s most spectacular vitamin out of your meal (4).


Peeling beets is non-compulsory. You possibly can peel beets for visible look and to take away filth and blemishes from the outside. Nonetheless, be aware that the pores and skin is a robust provide of wholesome vitamins, so you’ll clear away a few of these by peeling.

The highly effective pigments chargeable for a number of the well being and health rewards of beets are additionally able to staining palms, clothes, lowering boards, tabletops, and much more.

The best solution to hold beets from staining your clothes is to put on an apron while you’re chopping them. Donning a pair of reusable, foodsafe gloves will proceed to maintain the pigments off your fingers.

When you select to chop create using naked palms, clear your palms promptly instantly after slicing beets simply earlier than the pigments have time to established in. It’s also possible to attempt washing them a modest little little bit of lemon juice or baking soda.

When you get beet juice in your clothes, shortly blot off as a whole lot of the liquid as doable making use of a towel, then instantly function the garment beneath chilly ingesting water. If the stain persists, an oxygen-dependent stain remover usually does the trick to eradicate beet juice.

To take care of beets from staining your counter tops, usually use a lowering board. In case your chopping board has absorbed a number of the colours from the beets, clear it immediately simply after you’ve accomplished lowering the beets and check rubbing a little bit of salt greater than the stains to help launch them.


Beets embrace robust coloration pigments that may stain palms, clothes, and much more. When you get beet juice on oneself or one factor else in your kitchen space, clear it as instantly as attainable to retain the stains from atmosphere in.

There are so quite a few pleasant means to include beets into your weight-reduction plan regime. They’re typically eaten cooked, however some people additionally eat them raw, most of these as grated right into a salad or juiced.

A few of our beloved strategies to understand beets are:


Beets are wonderful on their possess or when included into soups, salads, smoothies, and extra.

Beets are a healthful root vegetable you could soak up in soups, salads, smoothies, and fairly a number of different dishes.

To soundly and securely reduce beets at dwelling, keep in mind {that a} sharp knife and lowering board are very important.

Additionally retain in mind that the coloration pigments in beets can stain. Be nicely ready to speedily wash the whole lot the beets contact to decrease staining.

Counting on the way you system to make use of a beet, you possibly can simply slice, cube, and even shred the foundation veggie to your aim.

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